Do You Struggle to Communicate Or Cultivate Cooperation With Your Child?


Do you find yourself thinking, why won’t my child listen to me? Are you struggling to implement a morning routine with your child?  Is your child experiencing bedtime or sleep issues? Or perhaps your child is engaging in back talk, having a difficult time listening and following directions, or having frequent temper tantrums.  Do you witness sibling rivalry among your children?  Perhaps it’s difficult to limit your child’s media use or monitor your teen’s use of electronics and social media. Whatever your unique parenting challenge, you may wish there was a way to bring out your child’s best behavior, so that he or she may develop into a happy, well-adjusted, and resilient adult.

While parenting can be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding aspects of your life, it can also be one of the greatest challenges. Many parents struggle to get their kids to listen without nagging or punishing them. You may turn to your partner or other parents for support, but still find yourself feeling frustrated and unsure of how to move forward.  Fortunately, there are simple, evidence-based tools and techniques that can be used to solve immediate problems and to restore the peace upon your household.

Even The Most Successful Parents Deserve The Space To Better Their Relationships With Their Children


Nagging, bribing and constantly repeating oneself are normal responses to feeling overwhelmed as a parent, and all parents fall victim to these traps once and a while.  But if you find yourself engaging in these behaviors most of the time, or consistently in certain situations – such as during bedtime, your morning routine, homework time, or at the dinner table – such behaviors are most likely counterproductive to enhancing your child’s self-esteem, and to your relationship with your child.

For today’s parents, there are seemingly endless books and theories regarding how to raise well-adjusted children.  And while it’s great to have access to so much information, it can also be overwhelming and hard to identify the best approach to caring for your child.  Parent coaching is a tool to help parents meet their need for information in a way that positively impacts their child’s well-being, so as to raise happier, more responsible, and well-behaved kids!

Parent Coaching Can Help You Bring Out The Best In Your Children


My philosophy is that each time a parent is challenged by her child, it is a teaching opportunity for the parent, and a learning opportunity for the child. During coaching sessions, I work with parents as they discover effective and efficient ways to address specific situations that may be causing concern. We begin by clearly identifying your goals for our work together in the context of your child’s developmental stage. We also work to identify your specific strengths, as well as those parenting areas you are eager to further cultivate, so that we may design action steps that align with your specific goals and needs.

I often coach families through social and emotional concerns, as well as typical developmental concerns such as potty training, sibling rivalry, and boundary setting. I also support parents through use of training and guidance to help them manage and handle parental stress, while also cultivating new ways to problem-solve with their child and talk to their child in a way that inspires cooperation.

In my work with parents, I provide concrete strategies, information and resources tailored to our specific goals.  I also believe that you, as the parent, know your child best.  To this end, I recognize that the process of learning what works best for your home also comes from each parent’s willingness to examine, explore and try out various ideas and strategies to resolve your child’s unwanted behaviors. As we work together to practice communication and other parenting skills, your family relationships will improve and you will feel better equipped for your parenting journey ahead. Ultimately, it is my belief that with the appropriate support, every parent can create his or her own successful parenting plan and family life.

You may still have questions or concerns about parent coaching…

+ How is parent coaching different from therapy?

In parent coaching, the focus of our work is on solving an identified problem. There is no clinical evaluation, and I do not offer a mental health diagnosis to the child or to the parent. Rather, the goal of parent coaching is to empower parents to solve their problems. Typically, coaching is more time-limited than counseling, and meetings may take place over the telephone or by video -conference. By contrast, counseling is more exploratory in nature, and typically involves longer-term concerns

+ How many coaching sessions will I have?

I recognize that your time is valuable. Before our initial coaching session, I will send you a form to fill-out, which will detail your specific concerns and goals for our work together. Parents may choose to work with me for a single session, or for a series of sessions, depending on their specific parenting concerns. Together, we will identify the appropriate number of sessions for you. Parents often return periodically for follow-up sessions to monitor their progress and to adapt their unique parenting plan as their children reach new developmental milestones.


You Can Enjoy Positive Relationships With Your Children.

If you’re eager to cultivate new tools and techniques to improve your child’s behavior, self-esteem, and well-being, I invite you to email or call 212-473-4765 for a free 15-minute consultation. My office located Westport, Connecticut. I’d be happy to speak with you about how parent coaching can help enhance your relationship with your child or children.