Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

I integrate a warm, compassionate stance with evidence-based cognitive behavioral strategies to help you develop the insight, information, and skills needed to overcome mood-related challenges and cultivate resilience. I have a particular interest in working with women to navigate the following concerns:


I also reserve space in my private practice for teletherapy sessions. These live video therapy sessions are offered to women in the states of Connecticut and New York, creating access to specialized care when it’s hard to get into the office. I use a secure HIPPA platform (Theranest) to conduct these video sessions.


In addition to therapy, I also offer coaching to help women identify and use their strengths to solve the more specific parenting- and career-related concerns that are causing them distress.  Coaching is typically focused on solving an identified problem and is more time-limited than counseling.Coaching


I develop targeted presentations and workshops across a range of topics for schools, organizations, and community groups.  I invite you to explore my Workshops page for a sampling of topics I regularly cover.


Are you ready to move forward?

Together, we can cultivate effective strategies to manage your stress and worry, allowing you to engage more calmly, confidently and creatively in your life. I invite you to email or call (203) 293-8840 for a free, 15-minute phone consultation.

I believe in the full potential of each woman.

If you do too, let’s work together to optimize this moment in your life.