Are you Feeling Dissatisfied Or Overwhelmed By Your Career?


Are you ambitious and hardworking but haven’t achieved the level of success you want?  Perhaps your career feels unsatisfying, but you’re unsure, anxious or fearful about how to move forward. Are you deserving of a promotion or a raise but feel anxious about addressing your supervisor? Perhaps your performance has allowed you to take on new responsibilities, but you question your ability to excel in your new role. Are you struggling to balance your career with the demands of your personal life? Do you feel overworked or burnt-out?

Feeling insecure about your career can be an exhausting, isolating and frustrating experience. You may desperately want to find ways to enhance or modify your career without reducing your ambition, responsibilities or growth potential. You may want to start a family but feel guilty, as if you won’t have time or will need to make significant sacrifices. Regardless of your unique circumstances, you may desperately want to feel happier, more satisfied and balanced in your career.

Almost Every Woman Faces Career Challenges

Whether you’re a recent college graduate, seeking to advance your role or desire to shift industries altogether, it’s common to feel stuck or confused about your career. In fact, women shift their careers more today than ever before. Millennials change jobs an average of four times in their first decade after college. Although you likely have the skills, knowledge and ambition to achieve success, may feel distracted by your hectic personal life or held back by self-doubt or fear of the unknown. 

If you’re trying to start a family or are a new mom, it’s common to struggle to manage responsibilities while advancing your career. Accenture and Harvard Business Review recently published articles that state the obvious: women are as capable as men and motherhood doesn’t impact ambition. But, according to the Pew Research Center, more than half of women report career struggles after entering into motherhood. A significant number of mothers take pay cuts in exchange for more flexible hours, and 30% of the most credentialed mothers leave the workforce entirely, in part, due to a lack of flexibility in their roles.

The good news is that you don’t need to choose between an ambitious career and a fulfilling personal life. Career counseling for women can help you utilize the appropriate resources, support and techniques in order to cultivate a more fulfilling work life that provides you with the necessary security and personal meaning. Here, we can examine your interests and values so that you may pursue your true ambitions.

Career Counseling Can Help You Work Toward A More Satisfying Life

As a licensed psychologist and a career counselor, I recognize that your career and personal life are delicately interwoven. If you’re dissatisfied with your career, it directly influences your sense of self, relationships and overall mood. So, the goal of career coaching is to provide you with effective strategies to manage career-related stress and concerns and experience more overall satisfaction. 

Throughout our work together, I can help you identify how your career concerns trigger patterns of thinking that influence how you feel and behave. We can also uncover any unhelpful beliefs you may hold and practice strategies to challenge and modify those beliefs. We may also challenge unhelpful ideas of what it means to be “successful.”

Because the personal and professional are so intertwined, we will likely also explore how dimensions of your personal life affect your career dissatisfaction. Marital or relationship stress, mood problems or lack of joy in mothering all uniquely influence your capacity to sustain the energy and focus necessary to thrive at work. In careful and confidential career counseling sessions, we can examine your work-life balance and any process pent-up stress that may be holding you back.

We Also Offer Career Testing


In addition to career counseling, I also offer career testing if you are looking to change professions or transition into a role that is better suited to who you are as a unique individual.  We use quantitative data to explore your skills, interests, work environment preferences, values, motivators, and priorities to identify career areas that may be be a good fit for you. When relevant, we will also conduct a comprehensive resume review, refine your interview skills, and develop relevant networking skills and strategies. With the right support, it’s possible to realistically take stock of your untapped potential and achieve the gratification you crave.

Because each woman’s goals and needs are different, we collaboratively design an individualized plan of action. We set realistic benchmarks to ensure you’re moving forward with practical, effective solutions and strategies needed to yield positive changes and growth. With the guidance of an experienced psychologist and career counselor, it’s possible to feel empowered and reach your full potential.

You may still have questions or concerns about career counseling for women…

+ What if I don’t know what type of career I want?

It’s very common for women, even those who have been in the world of work for several years, to experience confusion about career-related interests or goals. Objective, evidence-based professional guidance can help you discover your true interests and skills and pursue a more sustaining career.

+ Doesn’t everyone feel stressed or unhappy at work?

You may believe that unhappiness is simply part of making a “good” living. While many women work primarily to earn an income-- not for personal satisfaction or growth-- it is possible to feel fulfilled in your career. Although it’s common to feel unhappy from time to time, if you find yourself feeling stressed or dissatisfied most of the time, career counseling can help you consider alternative paths forward. While you may still have days when you’re less engaged, if your role generally sparks your interests and utilizes your talents, it is easier to cope with the harder moments.

+ With my hectic career, I’m afraid I don’t have time for therapy.

Many women feel as though there’s simply not enough time in the day. However, the truth is that spending just an hour a week addressing your goals can save you a lot of time and energy. With the right tools, techniques and resources, you can begin to identify your unique interests and skills and pursue positive changes that enhance your overall mood and well-being.


Find Your Career.

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